Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just Discression

I've mostly kept things that pertain to my faith off of this blog. I had another one for that, actually, tied to one of my websites. But I never kept up with it as well as I should have.

The reason for the separation was, at first, out of fear. Most people have a reaction, a judgement, if one announces one is a pagan. It's not something most of us wear on our sleeves. Tied to the same reason was that I worried about what my family would think of me. Later on, it just became a way to keep my regular, every day life separate from an aspect of myself that is deeply personal. Then I slowly started putting things into the regular blog, like holiday wishes or the Gratitude Project, and those edges started to blur, and now I see that none of my reasons for the segregation are admissible anymore.

One is that I really don't care how complete strangers judge me. I've been on my faith path for almost twenty years, certainly longer than I've had this blog. If my readers don't know the kind of person I am, or if they think suddenly knowing my faith changes who I am, they can go follow some other blog. Of my family, most of them know. For some, we kind of adopt a 'don't ask, don't tell' approach. For all of them- none of them actually read my blog. So, no big deal! The last reason, keeping my faith and my every day life separate, I've since learned is an impossibility. My faith is a part of my everyday life and I can no sooner separate the two than I can take off my own hand when I'm not using it.

Well, my websites are down for the count and the associated blog got more spam than it ever had readers anyway. So, it's all going to come together. I'll be copying over some posts from the other blog that I want to save and I'll stop censuring myself with regards to my faith here.

So, in case you missed it:

I am a pagan!  

Neo-pagan is probably a more accurate term, but I don't self-identify with it. I consider myself eclectic with very strong Hermetic and Wiccan influences. Sometimes, I will even say I am Wiccan, but that's not completely accurate. Paganism is a unique faith in that it has as many denominations as it has practitioners  My path is my own and it is constantly changing and evolving, as well it should.

I just wanted to let you know, dear readers, in case you see me start spouting some crazy pagany stuff and wonder where it comes from!


Anonymous said...

Blessed Be! I've actually found that most people don't seem to care what I believe...most folks are pretty polite about religion and politics's the pushy ones who are a pain, and they would be a pain no matter what your faith--they're intent on winning you over the THEIR faith. I'm also finding that muslims are taking a beating right now...Wiccans don't seem quite so scary to most Americans at the moment. Laurel

Fyrecreek said...

Blessed be, Laurel! That's pretty much my conclusion. I used to care what acquaintances thought of me but that's a waste of energy.