Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stuff Stuff Stuffy Stuff

I know, that doesn't really say much. I've been writing out this post for months.

The last you saw of me here was that I was laid off, and struggling to keep my head above water. I did it, I knew I would.

I moved back to Maryland at the end of June, and my house has been on the market since. It's under contract now, which is a very good thing because I'm almost out of money. I found an awesome, if part-time, job that I very much enjoy, but it's not going to pay for the house.

The post started out tons longer than it's going to end up. All the things I was going to tell you about what has been happening in the past several months isn't important now.

So, a week ago today was my birthday. The weekend just before that was spent at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, as has been my party tradition for the past 20-some years. My birthday party did not, in the slightest way, go according to plan.

You see, this happened.

We talked about getting married sometimes. Hell, we live together, it's like being married! But nothing was real or official or some other word I can't come up with. Nothing was expected, and I wasn't taking it for granted that it would just happen some day. And then some day happened.

We had been going about the faire as usual. I was a little irritated because I had plans for how I wanted to spend my day and those plans just weren't happening. The important people I wanted with me were not around (yeah, I'm talking about you, Fox and Fae) and even my dad, who is responsible for this whole tradition, was scarce. I wanted to see some shows and do some shopping and it's my day to spend with the people I want to spend it with, dammit! Dav was with me, of course, but he had friends there that he wanted to spend time with. But we're from different worlds, you see. Dav and his friends hang at the Dragon, I'm a White Hart girl. Someone's got to do the giving if one of us is going to be with our 'group.' The day just wasn't going the way I expect my party days to go. I hope I didn't appear as irritated as I was with that, at least. I'd rather be agreeable and flexible than not.

It was late afternoon, I was shopping and the shop keeper was busy with a bunch of stuff and Dav later told me he was getting very impatient. I picked up on a bit of that, and he explained it was because his mom and another friend would be leaving soon and he wanted to spend some time with them before they left. We did eventually end up at the Dragon with the group. Another issue is that his group hangs in the smoking section and, as sensitive as I am to that evil migraine-inducing smoke, I stayed as far away as I politely could.

So, he came back to where I was sitting and pulled me with him a bit saying there was something he wanted to show me that he thought I would really like. He took me to a mostly out-of-the-way place behind the chapel and maneuvered me into just the right position so his lovely friend Rachel could take that photograph at just the right moment. Then he said "we didn't meet at faire, but we met because of faire" and took a knee and took out a box said a few other things that my brain simply did not retain. "Will you marry me" was in there. I know I said some form of yes, but I don't know what else. I feel bad that I don't remember more of the details of that moment. I was joyfully crying, he was joyfully crying. Whatever irritation I was feeling that day had no more reason to be. For the next two days, I was subjecting everyone around me to cheesy grins and joyful tears.

My dad was telling everyone who crossed his path. People he knew well, people he knew a little, people he didn't know at all. He had known for two weeks that this was going to happen 'some time.' Dav and I drove together two weeks prior and he hung out while I was working. Sometime during the course of that day, he pulled my dad aside and asked for his blessing. And dad told him his chances of getting a yes out of me were probably pretty good.

I called my brother that evening, even before talking to my mom, because that's not the kind of thing I can tell my mother over the phone, you know? We stopped by the house on our way home, under the ruse that I had to pick something up but forgot my key so she wouldn't go to bed before we got there. We walked in and I said "I lied. I don't have to get anything. We're getting married!"

Honestly, marriage is one of those things that I never hoped for or dreamed about. It was something that I always thought I'd never have, so I told myself I didn't want it. And then my relationship with Dav started happening and I started wanting things that I'd spent years telling myself I didn't want, or didn't need, or didn't deserve. Someone very special to me taught me that none of those things are true, just by being the wonderful person he is.

I'm going to marry that man.


I believe in Fairies do you? said...

well I kept insisting that we find you two and Fox kept saying "no not now" "we need to give them space" I asked why he shrugged his shoulders "i don't know...but I'm sure we'll see them later" We kept looking for you to save you seats for pub sing but it got dark and we couldn't see you or find you...sorry about that.

Kaede Fyrecreek said...

Yeah, he said something about that later, which was fine in light of things. It would have been fine if you all were near too, as then I could have showed off in daylight!

genna sparks said...

I still love that ring.

Kaede Fyrecreek said...

So do I!