Wednesday, July 22, 2015

If I Build It, Will They Come?

Last night, my husband asked me about my last blog post. He does not share my faith but respects that I have it and how important it is to me. Anyway, he said something very interesting that had me stuck deep in thought for most of the night and today too. 

He said, rather than look for a local fellowship that fits what I want and possibly being disappointed by what I do or don’t find, why not start my own. 

Why not start my own?

My first thought was that I absolutely could do it. It would include celebration of the holy days, lessons and learning and teaching, everyone sharing what they know, celebrating together, being together. It would require space. We could use the big room in the basement until I could get an outside area ready (and I could). There would be room for Sabbat-related crafts (one of my favorite parts of those previous gatherings), and pre-ritual pot-luck feasts. Not a carbon copy of what I learned from my time with Shadow Grove, though I would probably use that as a starting point. And it wouldn’t have to be just Sabbat rituals, there could also be Esbats, classes, meditation sessions. Possibilities. Just the thought of this makes my heart pound with excitement. 

There are some hurdles. 

The only space I have to work with is our home, and we’re in an urban area, not nearly as secluded as Shadow Grove is. But, I think that’s okay too. It just means our outdoor rituals would have to be quiet and reserved rather than loud and boisterous. And there is plenty of indoor space to work with as well.

Is there a demand for a pagan-oriented, non-denominational ritual, learning, and gathering fellowship in Southern Maryland? Are there people here searching for what I’m searching for and willing to build? How do I find them, or help them to find me? 

My husband also cautioned that I would have to be willing to see it change beyond what my first vision is. I completely understand that. While I reference Shadow Grove, it was not my only group, just the most recent and the best fit for me out of all the others. Even the Grove evolved and changed over the years I was involved with them. Any endeavor like this would eventually be shaped by those who are invested in it. I already understand and accept this, as I've seen it happen.  

So, what do you think? Why not start my own? If I build it, will they come?


Trish D. said...

My thought is unless you try to build it they won't know it's there. I think by using social media that is a larger step to what you want. You may need to set up a FB account just for your group and send out invites and then wade through the invites to see who would be a good fit for what you are developing. Even when we think we are alone in our beliefs usually there is a larger group of individuals trying to find like minds and beliefs and cultures. Just my thoughts.
Also generally peopl le are social creatures, you may bring someone into your group that has felt lost and out of place and this is exactly what they needed.

Kaede Fyrecreek said...

Very true. I'd expect FB to be a large factor though, from a safety standpoint, it would have to start with people I know and expand to people they know and so on. It's one thing to open a space up to the large community, but it's not smart when that space is where you live. A couple of my previous groups made it a point to meet a newcomer out in the world before they were invited to the gatherings when that was at someone's home. I don't disagree with that practice at all. Keeping my family safe is more important than any of this. That is another of those hurdles.