Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Martyred Christian Saint Day

To an un-coupled person like me, the holiday that is for couples is very annoying.

I suppose you might expect single people to loathe Valentine's Day, I think many of us do. This day is, after all, all about doing something romantic with your lover. Sure there are people who say the day of love applies to family and friends, but come on. That's not really what commercialism says it's about. It's about roses (which I love), chocolates (which I don't need), and corny sweet love wishes (bleh). Add a cynic like me and you get two words (if you can call them that):


I hope everyone has a disgustingly pink Bah Humbug day. And for those who are coupled and love the sweetness of couple's day, good for you, please stay away from me.

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