Friday, April 14, 2006

I Really Am Still Here!

Hello, faithful blog readers!

I'm sure you're all wondering where I've been! Well, no where special, actually. Everything is pretty much the same. I'm still getting nowhere at OBC (though I did tell them exactly what I thought of them in our anonymous employee survey). I'm still living with my parents (that's because I couldn't afford to live on my own, OBC doesn't pay enough for that).

I've been studying Reiki, and my attunement is next week. I'm very excited about this and have some pretty big ambitions about where it will take me. We'll see!

I've also done some serious inner studying. I've identified my true friends and have started working to remove the false ones who have a negative impact on me from my life. This is not an easy process, but it starts with me not lying to myself on their behalf.

The thing about friends that I've noticed, gentle readers, is that it is nearly impossible to have one 'best friend.' What puts a friend above all others? Is it their ability to keep in touch? Their willingness to listen to you, and be able to tell when help is what you want other than just a listener? Is it in their wish to keep you close by when their life takes them far away? Is it because their friends are your friends, or because it's ok if they're not? Are they best because the association is mutual, or is it ok for them to be your best friend even if you are not theirs? Because you tell them everything and they know everything about you?

Go ahead and try to answer those. There is not one person that I share everything with. Some people have strengths in one area that doesn't work for all things, you see. Perhaps that makes me a different person to each of my friends, and that's fine. There might have been one person who fit that bill, but we lost touch long ago. And even so, that was how I felt then, the years may have changed both of us to where that would not apply. That certainly has happened before.
I think the fact that my friends are generally not friends with each other is a good thing, otherwise where would you turn if there was a problem, or something you need to vent about? Just as one religion does not work for all people, one friend does not work for all things friends are needed for. Think about it. Who is your 'best friend?' Do they work for everything? Is there nothing you won't share with them? Truly? For those of you thinking, "yes, my wife/husband/fiance" remember that spouses are in a different class than average friends. (So says the one without one of those =)

Wow, I guess a lot can happen in a month! The annual National Cherry Blossom Festival was wonderful. We went on April 1st, the blooms were lovely as always, and I finally got to see the Ruby Slippers at the Smithsonian. A zoo trip occupied April 9th. Tai Shan is so terribly cute. Get ye to DC soon if you want to see him while he's still cubby. OH! And I saw the wolves finally! Yay!! Pictures will be coming to my website (come on, you should know that by now) soon™.

I'm going to try (again) to update this more often. It might be easier this time, though. Warmer weather gives way to the days of sail and 'yak, and will then lead us to Faire time!

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