Sunday, August 13, 2006

We're Not Going On That

I'm talking about the HyperSonic at Paramount's Kings Dominion Amusement Park in Virginia.

I'm pretty good with roller coasters, you see. It was a decision I made about a dozen years ago. My first roller coaster experience wasn't great. It was at Wild World (which later became Adventure World, which later became Six Flags Over America) on the Wild One. I was pretty young at the time, and a very small child. I rode with a girl who was my age but significantly bigger than me. This was also during the time when one flimsy seat belt was all that held you and whoever was in the car with you in, and you sometimes had a bar to hold on to. That flimsy seat belt didn't touch me, due to the vast difference in our sizes. Therefore, it didn't really work to keep me in the seat. I was holding on for my life during that ride, I wasn't even touching the seat. After an experience like that, you can understand why I stayed away from them.

I'm also slightly gephyrophobic (those who know me know how ironic this is). Granted, they're not the same things, but you have to admit, a roller coaster does have many similar qualities.

But, I decided one day that I was going to be the type of person who liked roller coasters. So, I started going on them, telling myself I enjoyed them. It worked, eventually and to a point. So when we went to KD once a year while I was in high school, I could actually enjoy it. So, when I went with a coworker yesterday, I could actually enjoy it. Migraine notwithstanding. (Aside: if you ever have a headache at an amusement park, make your way to first aid. They should have pain killers there for your free use, you only need to sign your name and attest that you are not allergic to it. At least you save some money over buying something at the shops there!)

I don't know where everyone was yesterday, but there were hardly any lines to wait in (only two major ones, and we only stood in one of those. It was well worth it). This strikes me as unusual for a beautiful, not-humid Saturday in the Summer. But I'll take it!

So, what's wrong with the HyperSonic? There's a point where it goes straight up, pivots, and then goes straight down. There's no incline here like in a normal roller coaster. No, thank you! And when it stops at the end, it sounds like it's crashing into something. No, thank you!

Despite it all, my coworker and I had a great day at the park!

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