Monday, October 30, 2006

Gimme a Break

There is a crazy person at my office. I have probably spoken of this individual before. We're going to say WAM is the name (if you want to know, it stands for Whack-A-Mole, and that's another story).

WAM is crazy. In a serious, probably undiagnosed, medical way. Dementia or schizophrenia or something.

WAM attempted to get me in trouble. Recently, myself and one of the coworkers I regularly eat lunch with have noticed that WAM has been clocking out, but continues to work through her lunch break. My coworker took great concern with this, and told WAM that she was going to tell Boss² if she didn't stop. (I understand her concern, mainly because she's giving the company an hour of her time everyday that will never be repaid to her, but there are other reasons for not liking this practice.)

In any event, coworker and WAM had a tiffle over it. Last Thursday, my coworker was out with a cold, and WAM came to me to say how glad she was that she wasn't here to bother her about her lunch. I responded that I happen to agree with her position. After some talk, WAM huffed back to her desk mumbling about all the important people she talked to who agree with her (including the vice president) and that it's none of my business.


She was so upset about it, she told Adolf on Friday (I happened to be off that day). So Adolf asked me about it this morning, and I told Adolf exactly what happened; how my coworker decided to make it a personal mission, and how WAM approached me with the story on Thursday. It was actually nice to have this short one-on-one with my new supervisor, because I also voiced how many of us have a hard time dealing with WAM and some of the things she says or e-mails to us (like all the wrestlers who constantly hold matches over her, and her close personal friendship with George Lucas). My supervisor admirably said to bring any such e-mail communication to Adolf's attention, who can let WAM know it is distracting to our work. Adolf did seem to understand her conversation dominating, always-has-to-have-the-last-word tendencies.

No, I'm not in any trouble, but I may snap at WAM if she tries to talk to me again. And then the whole thing will start%

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Anonymous said...

Well, I personally know George Lucas and he has no idea who WAM is. *wink*

Enjoy your day!