Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Samhain

I really loathe costume contests.

After the release of Star Wars Episode I, the local ballpark had a SW-themed costume day and contest. I spent an hour and a half painting my friend up like Darth Maul (she looked real good) for the contest. She lost to someone who bought or rented an Obi-Wan costume.

For my last year of college, I entered the on-campus apartment costume contest as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, complete with ruby slippers on which I spent 19 hours gluing red sequins. I lost to someone who bought or rented a Scream costume.

For a Halloween dinner theater and costume contest the following year, I painted my hair white and my skin blue to be a Dark Elf of EverQuest fame. I lost to a man who bought or rented a nun costume.

Office costume contests all ended the same way. Do you see the trend? The people who put no effort into their costumes always win before the people who are creative and create their costumes. Last year at the office, I did a Wicked Witch of the East costume (with black and white striped socks and my homemade ruby slippers). I wasn't planning on entering, but I was suckered into it. I lost to WAM, of all people.

This year, I slaved over my costume. I bought a pattern, and spent a month putting the thing ogether. I was not going to be suckered again. It was a good thing too, because this year we had someone in a very nice, very expensive Darth Vader suit. But it amazes me how so many people were mad at me for not entering. "You looked great, you could have won" they said. No, what wins in the costume contest world is the flimsy crap you get from the Jo Schmoe Halloween Superstore. Not the people who have a needle and thread and know how to use it. "There's always next year." Right, like I'm going to be bamboozled again.

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