Monday, August 24, 2009


Happy 50th anniversary for the 50th state's statehood!

I used to have a friend who was from Hawaii. I often hope she and hers fare well.

My aunt and uncle are planning a trip to Hawaii this January. They want my parents and another couple to go and visit my second cousin who lives in an awesome home on the big island. Though I would love to go to, it would fall to me to take care of Callie. The best way to do that would be to stay at the house for those ten or so days. That's not a difficult thing to do. I would still be close to home if I had to take care of something, I might be able to take off of work so I won't have to make that horrid drive, and I could crochet to my heart's content. Oh, and I might be able to meet up with Fox and Fae during that time.

I think my mother is against the idea, but I want her to take the opportunity. I spent a day in Paris because I didn't know when I would get another chance. We've all talked about visiting our cousin since he moved out there. I think they need to go. I'll hold down the fort!

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