Saturday, August 29, 2009

In The Beginning

In the beginning there was a bodice. And it was. And it was painful, but supportive.

Then, a stay poked through the seam. "Ack!" said I, even and, "Ow!"

By the grace of the wallet, a new bodice was purchased, and the old bodice was hung up for later mending.

As time when on, the bodice did not get mended.

"I needeth that color," said I one day. "Perhaps the pokey stay won't hurt so today."

It was, and it was so. The pokey stay was staying in place.

But, the strength of the seams were weak. And the sharpness of the steel was sharp. And the stays at the bottom poked through to stab in the sensitive flesh of the abdomen.

Alas! The wallet was not prepared to grace us with yet another new bodice! What is a poor, poked person to do!

"Appeal to the grace of the wallet anyway," a wise voice said, "for painful pokey stays are not fun."

And the wallet did open, and from it issued forth the magic of the credit card. And the bodice was replaced with one shiny and new.

Down to oblivion with pokey stays!

And yet, it was only hung up for later mending. Again.

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