Thursday, August 05, 2010

Don't Open the Closet

Do you remember those cartoons where the kid is told to clean his room and he just shoves everything into the closet and shuts the door, and then mom comes in and thinks everything looks good until she opens the closet and is buried in a landslide of stuff? Yeah....

Sometimes yesterday morning, I needed something from the closet in my bedroom. All of my closets are ClosetMaid wire racks, that is the shelf and the wire to hang stuff on. The closet in my bedroom has my clothes and a bunch of bathroom-type stuff like lotion, bandages, hairspray- the things I don't need every day and don't have room for in the bathroom. So, I got something out of it yesterday morning.

In the evening, I needed something from my closet. To this moment, I swear I have no idea what it was. When I opened the door all the stuff that was on the shelf came rushing at me! It seems that there was an installation error. The rack was anchored to the back wall of the closet, but should have had brackets at the front of the shelf on the sides for extra support. Since all the weight was at the front of the rack (where all the clothes were hanging) the thing just pulled right out of the wall, scraping along the sides and tearing it up as it went down. And since the door was closed, all the stuff just waited until I opened it, freeing the mess to invade the bedroom.

I wasn't home when the wall gave out. I'm sure it gave poor Miss Luna quite a start! I'm glad I wasn't there, though. I probably would have been standing by the door, holding a sword with the police on the phone, yelling at whoever was in my closet to come out. Well. Yeah.

I called mom because I don't even know where to begin to repair the wall. She, of course, doesn't know either, but it helped to talk about it. And laugh at the way the stuff within came tumbling out at me.

My dad is going to come by this evening and look at it and see what I'll need to fix it. I might get a different closet system for this one, more than just a rack. Only because I can. I checked the other two closets and they have the brackets that my bedroom closet was missing so I'm not worried about them. At least that wasn't the closet that Miss Luna sleeps in!

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Anonymous said...

ok, that's funny, sorry you got avalanched on, but it really made me lol. Hope everything works out for you.