Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meet Charlotte

It's not the best picture since I had to enhance it for light, but isn't she beautiful?! She's a marbled orb weaver. Her body is this pinkish red and the tips of her legs are black and white striped. Her back is an off-white with that lovely black marbling. She's made her spectacular web right outside my living room window. At night, the gnats and flies are attracted to my living room light and they fly right into her web. I think we have a mutually beneficial arrangement going on. She gets the bugs for me, and my light brings lots of bugs to her. Win/win!

I didn't see her for a few days and got nervous, but she was only hiding in the corner. The afternoon sun shows right on the window and it must be too hot. She's usually building her web in the wee morning hours. There are two male marbled orb weavers on my porch. While they have similar markings, they're not as stunning because they're significantly smaller than the female.

Charlotte is one of my critters. As long as she stays outside, and there's no reason to come in with her prime web spot, she will be safe from Miss Luna. I have a spider!

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