Saturday, June 04, 2011

House Party

Of course that's not my house! That's my house cake!

I bought the house-shaped pan last year because I knew I would make a cake for my house warming party. It's been a year and the house is warm. I had to throw a house party anyway.

It's the 'I survived a year of mortgage payments' party! Yay! See how the lights are on in the windows? Ah, my cute little house! My first full day in this house was a year ago today.

I had a small, intimate party with lots of food, a walk to the lake, and a small game of croquet.

This is me in my party dress. That crazy cute apron came from Dot's Diner on Etsy. I can't throw a party without a good hostess party dress, can I?

Raise your glass with me to another year!

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