Monday, March 02, 2015

One More Thing

I've been trying to get you, dear readers, all caught up on the past few months. Lots of exciting things have been happening and I have been busy dealing with that rather than writing. I always promise I'll do better, and usually do for a little bit. I can't promise that this time. You see...

It's true!

I'm feeling fine at the moment. I'm tired of getting up in the night every few hours to use the bathroom. I'm starting to get some heartburn. I still have bouts of nausea, but not actually vomiting. All that being said, I kinda love being pregnant! More than that, I love that it means my beloved husband and I will welcome a new little life into our family this summer. Everyone has a silly nickname for their growing baby. We call ours Poppyseed, because that's the size she was when we found out she was there. She's way bigger than a poppy seed now, but I'm not going to start calling her turnip!

A little 16 week bump

This is me at 16 weeks. Not much of a baby bump yet, but it's there. Still lots more growing to do. Pregnancy isn't really nine months by the way they count it, it's really more like ten months (40 weeks). We're almost halfway! Some new blood sample screening told us that we're at a low risk for chromosome disorders and we're having a girl. There is a chance this screening could be wrong on all levels, but they're usually pretty reliable. My beloved really wants a girl, so I'm very happy he'll get to experience that special bond between dads and daughters, like I have with my dad.

Live Long and Prosper

This is my very first baby picture! Lookit! I'm Vulcan! But the really special thing is that I still have that dress. I put it on my Cabbage Patch babies as a little girl until I saw this picture and realized that dress was mine. I put it on a little hanger and stashed it in the back of my closet with my Christening gown, which I also still have. No, I'm not a fan of pink and, yes, that dress is pink. I don't care. The fact that my first dress might be my daughter's first dress too is just more awesome than I have words!

So, I think that's everything. All caught up!

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