Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Reason

I'm actually going to get to the reason today! I need to let this go (time is helping, yes, but it's gotta come out!). It's actually become sort of a running gag between the few people I've told about it.

Ok, a brief recap. Remember how I work with another department and was told to take my research over theirs. Remember how I was told to send all problems to my supervisor. And remember when I said that two new hires were complaining about two of my coworkers and I. This is from one of those complainers.

I was sent an address update that included a suite number, and I called to confirm it. The person I spoke to said the suite number was not necessary. I noticed that the rep's (we'll just call the individual Jeri) original notes did not have a suite number. I updated the address sans suite number, in accordance with what I was told to do. Jeri insisted that the person they spoke to said it needed the suite number. I told Jeri my information said it didn't. Jeri repeated that it did. I forwarded the conversation to my supervisor and the response I got was, "I think you are being too sensitive. Please do not go back and forth with email messages with PI reps. If there is a problem, please send it to me and I will address it with the individual's supervisor."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the very act of forwarding the e-mail to my supervisor me sending a problem to her? What good does it do if she's just going to tell me I'm too sensitive when there really was a problem? Did she speak to Jeri's supervisor? No. So why even send things to her if I'm going to be told them arguing with me is not a problem?

This is one of several similar situations as to why I have no confidence in my supervisor, why I'm not really happy in this office, why I don't like most of my co-workers, and why I refused the Senior Rep position they tried to offer me (they don't really believe that I can do it, you see, but that's really another story).