Thursday, May 12, 2005

So it begins...

Now, here's an interesting place. This wonderful website is actually offering free webspace for me to rant, tell stories, rant, and basically just prattle off about everything and nothing?


Can you tell I'm excited about this? How about a little introduction?

My name is Airyn, it's a play on Erin, which is a variation of the old Gaelic word for Ireland. If you're in the USA like me, you will most often see this name in the phrase Erin go braugh, usually around the Feast Day of Saint Patrick. While there are many opinions about the English translation of this phrase, most people accept "Ireland Forever" as the most accurate translation.

Two weeks ago I was at the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival for the first time, and made a comment on the phrase (which was everywhere!) to one of the vendors. The gal then asked me if I knew what it meant. "Of course," said I and preceded to tell her. "It means 'luck of the Irish,'" she snapped. Me, being the diplomatic Libra that I am, offered a compromise by stating that there are many opinions about the translation. "It means 'luck of the Irish,'" she said again, more nasally and matter of fact than before. My friend and I took a breath and walked away. "It means 'I'm not going to spend any of my money at your store,'" we both said at the same time.

So, how much did you learn about me today? =)