Monday, November 20, 2006

Get a Load of This

You all remember the first Adolf, who went on to bigger and better things and was replaced by a new Adolf? I have just learned, through my highly placed contact within OBC that the new Adolf has been terminated!

I've got no juicy tidbits for this, just a confirmation that it is so, from someone who's job it is to know such things. This is surprising and unexpected. I don't know if it was Adolf's decision or if it was an order by the higher ups.

I and several others of my department have been noticing a lot of things lately that Adolf had been doing. Other than being very demanding and doing unnecessary things, Adolf also seemed to have a lot of PTO, had a lot of days off, and would regularly leave early. We don't really know the details, but it seems I will be Adolf-less for a while.

The particulars of the situation are irrelevant, there is only one important question. Can I have my window back?

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