Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Great Escape

If traffic around DC is bad every day, it's going to be positively horrid this afternoon. Not only will we have the regular commuters going home (me!), we'll also have get-out-of-town traffic, coming-to-visit traffic, just-passing-through traffic, and rain! AUGH!

A spokesperson for AAA said on the radio this morning a statistical number of people (that I have forgotten) will be traveling 50 miles or more from home this holiday weekend. I travel 50 miles every day! The traffic reports were mostly feeling sorry for the through travelers (who have no idea what traffic is like here). While I also feel for them, only one person said he was really sympathetic to the commuters who are just trying to get home after work.

This is the biggest travel day of the year, they say. I just want to give you, fair readers, a little advice. Particularly for this day, but it really applies to holidays across the board, don't come to Washington. Spare yourself and me some headache. No one wants to start off a vacation going 10 miles an hour for in a three hour back up. And no one wants to be sitting in that mess just trying to get home from a hard, pre-holiday day at work either. Stay away! Stay home! Go to the middle of nowhere! Whatever! Just don't come here! You won't be happy, I won't be happy!

Ok, other than hellish traffic, there are some pretty cool things to see here. And we never seem to have an off-season. Do come visit us some day. Just not for a holiday.

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Willow Goldentree said...

I know exactly what you're talking about Fyrecreek. When we lived in California the freeway I had to take from home to work everyday was the only freeway out of So. Cal and into Vegas. These days of the year were such hell for me! All I wanted to do was get to work (I worked nights so I hit everyone leaving Cali for Vegas) and I was late everytime. Good luck getting home tonight. Although, looking at the time stamp now, I assume you've already left. So, when you get home have some of your dad's great mead- if there is any and take a nice warm bath.

Happy Thanksgiving!