Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Whole Lotta - What?

When a garbage can is ridiculously feline, another chess board over a wedding dress graduates from a highly paid carpet tack. Now and then, some mortician for the garbage can barely shares a shower with a false fire hydrant. When an orbiting buzzard trembles, a wheelbarrow hides. Sometimes the barely feline paycheck flies into a rage, but the elusive roller coaster always graduates from a power drill living with a lover! A graduated cylinder related to a stovepipe throws a thoroughly impromptu bullfrog at a steam engine, or an infected apartment building finds subtle faults with a crispy traffic light. Most people believe that a sheriff near a buzzard makes a truce with the spider about another grain of sand, but they need to remember how knowingly a dust bunny daydreams. The lover defined by another hole puncher secretly finds subtle faults with a psychotic sheriff. The familiar vacuum cleaner negotiates a prenuptial agreement with the green dust bunny. Indeed, the barely highly paid salad dressing non-chalantly borrows money from the impromptu CEO. The industrial complex inside an eggplant trades baseball cards with a secretly annoying paycheck.

If you're not opening your spam e-mail (and you shouldn't be), you've probably never seen this before. Yes, this is the text from a spam e-mail I recently received. The gobblygook is there in an attempt to bypass any given spam filter, I get this mental image of all these crazy things happening when I read through it. Of course, you should never open any links contained in an untrusted e-mail, but I had to copy this text. For some reason, it reminds me of a line from a Tori Amos song, Space Dog, "There's Colonel DirtyFishyDishcloth. He'll distract her good don't worry so."

Yeah, it's probably best if you don't ask how my day is going.

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Willow Goldentree said...

Peek-a-boo! Hoping you had a wonderful day dear Fyrecreek!

I've been noticing these weird emails in our mailbox too. They come up with the weirdest subject lines for the emails as well! It's not that they end up in our junk mail box either because people are submitting them through our "contact us" and "contest" forms. Hmmm...your email there was really funny though!

I hope you enjoy your Wednesday, Beautiful, and don't work too hard!


(My code today was naugnlnt- kinda like naughty..hehehehe)