Sunday, December 06, 2009

For A Visit

I got to go to brunch today! It was great to see everyone. Then I hung with my parents for a bit.

Mom is getting a dog. She wants a Yorkie, but will very likely end up with a Pomeranian by the end of the week. Dad doesn't want a dog. I tried to tell him that he has to live with it, though. It's mom's bonus money that she's using. She can spend it how she wants!

After I got home, I played an old video game for a while (anyone remember Secret of Mana?). I needed a little break from yarn. Tomorrow, it will be back to work.

Remind me to check with Fox and Fae and my parents about New Year's Eve plans this year. I want to have a big mondo movie night again like we did a couple years ago.

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