Monday, December 21, 2009


We ended up with a good two feet of snow before it stopped sometime Saturday night. Digging out yesterday was a trial when all we had was a tiny auto shovel and a broom.

I made it to work fine this morning, but I slipped on the ice INSIDE the parking garage. Tore my jeans, hurt my knees. I bruise pretty.

I understand that snow can drift inside a parking garage (and it did) but the ice?!

Now that a few other joint and muscle groups have reported in, I'm finding that I definitely impacted more than my knees. My supervisor sympathized, so I’m sure the few minutes that I was late won’t hurt my record, and no one was around to see my crazy ice dance. Thankful for that!

I guess I can't put off buying new jeans any longer. This was one of my good pairs too.


Fyrecreek said...

PS I'll get some pictures for you tonight or tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

ouch poor fyrecreek :(
you mentioned movie nite for New Year's Eve. call when u can so we can discuss details!

Fyrecreek said...

Details? I'm supposed to have details?! Crap!