Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Think Houses

I've mentioned to my roommates before that I don't want to be renting forever. I love the condo we're living in right now, but we've really reached our limit with it. I would really love a house, and I would really love to buy one. Since I can't afford one on my own, but the three of us might be able to afford one, the best way for it to work would be for me to buy and them to essentially rent from me. This also works because they are going to need a big house someday, with room for all the kids, so they're not ready to buy right now.

Sunflyr sat Phoenix and I down the other day and said he was ready to get out of the condo and into something bigger. Specifically, something that has room for him to make armor. Right now, he can only work on the tiny porch, and that doesn't do in the winter! I'd like a separate room for the computer and where I can keep and work with my yarn (and possibly keep the cats away from it). Phoenix would also like a separate room for the computer, where she can study and maybe do some crafting with me. We're all in agreement, we need a bigger place. And they also seem to agree that my initial idea of buying with them renting from me is a good one.

So, how do we make this happen?

Well, the first step is to get a list of what we need. At least three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. A garage or a basement. A free-standing house, not a town house (though, if that's all we can get, we might compromise). We would also like a fire place, but that's more of a really really want than a need. And, we know we need it to be relatively nearby to where we are now, so I don't have far to go to work, Sunflyr doesn't have far to go to work, and Phoenix doesn't have far to go to get to her carpool to school. We know how much we need our monthly payments to be, though we don't know exactly how that translates into what we can afford. I also have a teeny tiny bit saved for a down payment, it would be nice if it were more, but we can see what we can get with this. At the very least, we might have to stick it out another year while I build up my savings and try again next year.

Once we have our list solid, we will contact the realtor who found us the condo. She's a crazy lady, but she knows what she's doing. She found homes for three of our friends (and ours), so we know she'll be able to do something for us.

I'm ready to think of houses again! This time, with a little help from my wonderful friends, I might even be able to make it happen!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope you find something!!!