Monday, November 30, 2009

What else can I do?

I found an item on Etsy that is not legal to sell (not just on Etsy, but at all). I reported it weeks ago, I e-mailed Etsy about it. My roommate reported it. What's the point of having policies if Etsy takes their good old sweet time to enforce them?

My next step will be reporting it to the FDA. I know I'm right about this. I usually don't go back to see if something I've reported was fixed at all, but I've been checking on this one. It's serious. It's. Not. Legal. I can't let it go, I'm very concerned. What else can I do?

Oh, and since I’m not posting this on the Etsy forums, I can tell you, dear blog readers, what it is. Someone made earrings out of prescription antibiotic capsules (in the family of penicillin, which many people, including myself, are allergic to). Coated or not, they are still filled with a controlled substance. I know that is not legal.

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