Wednesday, November 18, 2009

There Was More

Aura had fleas.

That's right, fleas. Whoever the doctor was that they first brought her to was an idiot. The doctor I worked for would never recommend a cat with an infectious disease be adopted to a home that already had cats, and would never recommend a cat with fleas and too young to treat for them be adopted into a home that already had cats.

She's too young for flea shampoo and most flea treatments. Phoenix had been washing her with regular pet shampoo, and it was killing some of the adults. Unfortunately, just washing is not enough to break the life-cycle. And the fleas that weren't dying were just running to the safety of her head, which was naturally not washed. You could watch the fleas crawl out of and back into her fur.

On Monday, Miss Luna started scratching more than I normally see her scratching. That was it for me. I ordered some Frontline; Aura is just about old enough for it. I treated them both yesterday.

I'm happy to report that Miss Luna wasn't scratching much this morning, and I haven't seen any fleas on poor Aura's head. I hope that means it worked!

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Anonymous said...

Good Lord! Can't you sue that vet? What an idiot! If was I that incompetent, you KNOW someone would be suing me for malpractice. LD