Thursday, May 25, 2006

Committee On...

We were Race Committee last night, which means we set the course and keep the time and don't actually sail. The course is set based on the direction and speed of the wind. Normally, the Genoa class boats (of which we are) will sail a shorter course than the Spinnaker boats, but this time we decided to give everyone the short course because the wind was so light. One Spinnaker complained, so we changed it. Nearly an hour after the start, when no one had rounded the first mark, we consulted the fleet and shortened the course. That same Spinnaker captain who wanted the long course then came back and suggested we shorten it even more, which we did not do. Everyone finished at a reasonable time, so it was all good! He was just being a wimp. =)

Even with light wind and no sail, it was still a nice night. Some pretty sunsets and me without my camera (again!).

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