Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Unexpected Tennessee

I'm sitting here at work, doing work, and a brief passage of a play I worked with in my first acting class has popped into my head.

"It's been too long a time since we've leveled with each other. Now tell me things. What have you been thinking in the silence, while I've been passed around like a dirty postcard in this city. Tell me. Talk to me. Talk to me like the rain and I will lie here an listen."

It was a fun exercise: we split into groups and broke the passage up into lines. Then we did a kind of freeze frame tableau, that may or may not include one of the lines from the passage. Each person in the group did their own thing, and when we put it together, there was some form of continuity. When we were done, we had a little scene where I was having an argument with one of my scene partners, and the other was trying to mediate. All from that one passage.

I'm not sure why it jumped into my head today, but it reminded me how much I enjoy acting.

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