Monday, May 22, 2006

Pebbles and Faeries

We went riding again yesterday! Two days, two horses, two P-names?

Pebbles was a similar color to Peepers, but a very different horse!

Pebbles still liked to be at the front of the line (I like it there too). Actually, she really wanted to walk beside the line. Fox rode Storm and they were able to be behind me the whole time, which was nice to have my riding buddy nearby. Pebbles liked walking me into trees, and one point she nearly bounded into the brush like a deer, but I screamed whoa! and she stopped and I put her back on the path. That would not have been too fun, there was no path there! I'm not as sore today as I was last time. Eight more times of this, and the stable won't consider me a beginner anymore!

After our ride, we went to the Maryland Faerie Festival. This isn't a big to-do like local Renaissance or Celtic Festivals, more like a faerie-themed craft fair, but still fun. There was a leather-bag maker (I had bought a bag from her last year) who had new bags made with natural-shed antlers. I could not resist! There was another vendor who made really cute stuffed animals and I bought a little unicorn. It was actually a low-spending outing, all things being considered.

Welcome to the days of busy weekends!

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