Friday, June 23, 2006


Ye cats and little fishes! Last night, a dreadfully loud 2-hour thunder storm came through the whole region. I don't usually mind storms, but I really really wanted to sleep!

It showed up in my area around midnight, and woke me up from a deep, dreaming, restful, rejuvenating sleep (you know, the kind everyone should have every night but I only get once every 2 or three years). So, I wandered down to check on the cats, and Miss Luna came running up to me, "MEOW! MEOW!" I held her for a little bit, and she was shaking all over, and purring, and trying to sleep. Her eyes would snap open after ever clap of thunder (which was frequent and house-shaking loud). Callie was alright, but she purred and clawed at me every time the thunder rolled.

The storm passed around 0200. You can imagine, we're all zombies here today!

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