Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Best Plans

Somehow, we forgot that we had planned to kayak to Annapolis on Saturday night and watch the fireworks from the water. In our defense, we had this idea a year ago, and Fox and Fae no longer live where there is easy access to Annapolis (though, it's not impossible to put in somewhere else). And then there's that little thing about Fox having to work.

Instead, we planned to kayak on Sunday. Fox called a bunch of people to join us, since it was our regular brunch day anyway. In the end, there were eight of us, the largest group we've ever had for a casual paddle.

We launched from Queen Anne and headed down river to Hill's Bridge. It was about half of the same route my dad and I would have taken on the first day of the sojourn trip, if it were not for the flooding. It took about three hours over about five miles of river. Next, we're thinking we might want to try launching from Hill's Bridge and heading down to Mt Calvert (the rest of the sojourn route) or further to Jug Bay, which might be an easier landing. That should be fun.

It was a perfect day to be out. The humidity was down and the sun was hiding behind some clouds. There was a tiny bit of rain, but nothing we couldn't paddle in. It was like a mini sojourn. Great fun! Kudos to Fox for the planning of it. I had a blast, and it seemed that everyone else did too.

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