Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Full Moon - the Moon of Athena

Athena, one of the most celebrated goddesses of the Greek pantheon, rules over this Esbat.

Athena is celebrated as a ferocious goddess who defends her home and the laws of civilized life. As a goddess of war, this makes her very different from the god of war, Ares, who is more about offense than defense.

She prizes the arts and the word of law and justice. The owl is a sacred being to her. Her energies over this moon make it a perfect time for spells involving furthering knowledge or skill, and is a good time for asking of her guidance, if you have need of it.

I used this Esbat to meditate and to pray. I have been having some health issues lately and needed some guidance from wisdom greater than my own. It was a calming exercise that quieted many of my fears. It also called to mind the experience I had at Litha on the water, with the beautiful owls hooting above.

I've never felt any particular affinity for Athena or owls, but I do recognize her influence in my life when there is need to do so. I hope this Esbat found you at a place of calm as well.

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