Tuesday, July 07, 2009


OBC had a blood drive today. I signed up weeks ago. I like giving blood, and I think I found a trick that makes it rather quick. (It's simple: drink lots of water!)

I was feeling fine. I went to the grocery store. I was starving. I ate a bag of chips and some cookies on the way home. I brought in my groceries and put them away. I lay on my bed. I got up to put my broach away. I lay back down. I guess I didn't eat or drink enough after all, because I stayed on the bed for some time before I could stand up and not black out. It's all good now. Dinner will happen momentarily (as soon as I can pick a movie to watch!).

LDS had an appointment to donate blood today too. For some reason (stress is my guess), her pulse was too fast and they wanted it to slow before they took her blood. She sat around for an hour or so. It didn't work. She ended up being turned away. I thought I would tease her for it, but ended up absconding with a pack of Oreo's for her attempt.

While I was in the chair, blood pumping from my arm into the plastic tubing, there were two technicians doing things around me. One was restocking supplies, the other was setting up another donation. They both were watching the bag of my blood like vampires! I mean, really, you'd think they could look at a bag and guess how fast it's filling and be able to judge the progress so that it required less frequent glancing in my blood's direction. It was almost every three seconds that one of them would look over at the deep red liquid in the little bag.

Of course, I understand that it would get full and then I would be done. Still, it was funny the way they hovered over.

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