Monday, January 18, 2010

Gone and Done it

A few weeks ago, I signed up for Weight Watchers at Work. The first meeting was today. Now, I signed up before Miss Luna spent some time in the hospital, and I really shouldn't spend the money on this in light of the bills I'm facing now. However, while it would be a perfectly legitimate reason to put this off for another twelve weeks or more, I decided to go forward anyway.

They can't hold classes without a certain amount of people signed up. I already signed the payroll deduction form. And, if I don't follow through now, who is to say I won't come up with some other excuse the next time it rolls around. No, going forward was a good idea. I may think differently when I see what it does to my paycheck, but right now, I think it was a good idea to do what I said I would.

I have a few extra pounds that would be nice to loose, but I'm not really doing this because I'm hoping to fit into a size six again (as if!). I'm hoping to learn how to make better choices, how to fill my diet with good foods like vegetables. I like eating vegetables but, more often than not, they just go bad in my refrigerator. Every bag of salad that I throw out is money going in that trash can too. I'm the first to say that spending money to save money is illogical but, in this case, I really need the help.

A friend of mine from the Renaissance Festival has had great success on Weight Watchers. LDS's mother also made the plan work for her. My dad started in November and has made some real progress. While I can't speak for LDS's mother, the other two people were at unhealthy places and could really see the benefits. The Leader even said that accomplishments do not have to be on the scale. I hope to see a change in what I buy, what I eat, and how long that energy will last me. And, as a bonus, this should work well with the Blood Type Diet that I've been (roughly) following for years. I can still get the no-migraine benefit.

I'm reminding myself to see it for its benefit, and not for the money that could be going to vet bills. It will be an added strain for a while, but I think it will prove worth it.

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