Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another Reason to Hate Doctors

As if I needed another reason.

I was in my first auto accident today. Morning rush hour around Washington is always pretty bad, but some person in a big jeep took his eyes off the road for a moment, and ran into my little Saturn. My car's plastic bumper did what it was supposed to do, and we were completely stoped in traffic so didn't run into anyone else. I was leaning forward at the time so the bump jerked me around quite a bit more than it would have if I were sitting back in my seat.

Right now, my entire right side is hurting, from my ankle to my wrist to my neck. I decided to not go to work, and called my insurance company, who was going to file the claim with his insurance company on my behalf. I called my doctor when they opened and was told by the receptionist that they 'don't do auto accidents.' I tried calling my health insurance company, but couldn't get through to a live person who might be able to help me find someone who will help me. I tried calling the HR department at work to see if they have a live person number for the insurance, but couldn't reach anyone there. My mother gave me the number of a doctor that my grandmother sees, but I was on hold for 15 minutes and got cut off. I've never had to deal with this before, so I'm really at a loss. All I know is that I hurt and I can't find a doctor who cares, and I'm tired of hitting a dead end everywhere I try.

Looks like ibuprofen and heating pads will be my friends for a while. And the search for a new primary care physician is on, and there's another reason to avoid a doctor.


Anonymous said...

hey fyrecreek,

just stumbled across your blog. It is not that I know you, but I feel sorry for that sad day of yours ... and all the endless efforts connected with it.

However, my best wishes go out to you for getting well again.

Fyrecreek said...

Thank you!

Believe it or not, not minutes after posting this, the HR rep got back to me, had the insurance company yell at the doctor for losing me as a patient, and sent me a list of other doctors and urgent care facilities (something I didn't think about!) in my area. I found one close, so off I go. Maybe soon I'll get to the other reasons why I hate doctors. =)

Anonymous said...

Just read about your accident sorry to hear about it & my best wishes for you & your dads speady recovery