Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bye Bye EQ

Well, that's it. I finally cancelled my EverQuest account. My subscription ran out yesterday. I won't lie, there's still a chance I could pay up and keep everything, but that window doesn't last, and I don't expect to be doing it =)

The saddest part, other than the fact that I really enjoyed playing and working on my characters and such, is that there's no going back to the Guide Program from here. I miss that the most.

Now, some people have said that World of Warcraft can have the joy in newness that EQ once had, but alas, I have way too much to do than to spend every day on the computer. Besides, I still have the Sims!

Thanks, Sony, for letting me in that wonderful world.


Joey said...

I left EQ few years ago, I am now leaving WoW. I have found that these games tend to rock when new. But after a year or so, they lose that newness and become flooded with exploiters and self serving players. Sigh...

Both were fun! Was great to be able to play them. For now... taking a MMORPG break.

Fyrecreek said...

You're absolutley right, joey! It was fabulous when it came out (EQ2 and SWG lost their newness quickly) and I hung on longer than I would have because of my involvement in the Guide Program. I also think that's why my aunt likes WoW now, it has the newness that EQ lost for us.

I wonder what happened to the plans for Middle Earth Online. I might try that next. But yes, it sure is nice to have a break (and save some $$$)!