Thursday, December 29, 2005

I Done Did it!

That's right, make yourself a hot tasty beverage and sit back. The blog archive is now complete! Ok, with the exception of the two pictures and everything in the secured section (which none of you saw anyway). I'm working on the pictures, but you may need to just go to my website for them! If you want to know, archiving my files meant copy and paste from a previously saved text document, one by one. I worked hard on that archive for you, archiving like a mad fool, so go have a reread! And for those of you who weren't with me for my first blog endeavor, you can read it now.

Yeah, I'll admit, I did most of it when I could have been working. But honestly, who wants to be at work anyway? I'd like to stay in bed one of these mornings.

I hopped on the pilates machine on Monday, that was a mistake! I think I hurt more than I did right after the accident! I'm going to push through, though, and maybe get back to it tomorrow. Every now and then, my muscles let me know they're not happy, but I am doing better. Who needs a doctor anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the hard work & I look forward to rereading all:-)