Monday, December 19, 2005

This is Why I Have a Blog

My supervisor will now have the same name in each subsequent blogs. I have called this person many a thing, including simply Sup. Sup will now be referred to as Adolf.

A few months ago, a new employee was hired who they put in the cube right behind me. The cubicles are open in that direction, so I could turn around and speak to her whenever I wished. This person and I got along very well, we hit it off right away and I am happy to say she attained the level of friend quite quickly. Adolf, however, has a problem with that.

We have been told that we talk too much and too loudly. Personally, I think who cares? If no one is complaining of us disturbing them, and we're still getting our work done, who cares if we get along? In fact, my productivity improved when she came along. My friend was hired into a new position within the company, and was supposed to be moved to another area at the beginning of next year. In spite, Adolf had her moved today, directly after we were told we were talking too much and too loudly after we took 20 seconds to say good morning and I gave her a gift.

I applied for another position in the department (however under a different supervisor) but I know I won't get it. I wonder if Adolf had a problem with me because I wanted to go to another group, and that's why we were getting picked on. Some of the other people in the department were amazed, they admited to us that they talk as much if not more, and nothing has ever been said to them.

I can't work this way. I don't understand why Adolf feels the need to control me. I am not a servant of anyone, least of all my supervisor. It is so hard to work when you are afraid to say good morning lest you be yelled at for talking too much, or when you are afraid to get up from your seat to get water or go to the bathroom lest you be accused of not getting any work done. I have enough to worry about after the accident (get the car looked at, get a doctor who will follow up) than to worry about Adolf appearing behind me wondering what I'm doing all day.

Clearly, blogging is the answer! See, I'm doing this to prove a point. I believe I do more and better work when someone I get along with is nearby. That someone has been moved, therefore what I produce in a day will diminish. The last thing I want to do is be here right now as it is. If, as I think, I don't get the position I applied for, I'm going to need to get out anyway. I'm not getting any better in this situation.

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