Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Doesn't Look Much Better

Well, the urgent care places were a flop (see comment to the first entry today, if you're confused). Even though my HR rep said it was a $35 copay, the places I could go to said that, because it was an accident, I have to pay for the whole thing and then get reimbursed by the auto insurance company. I tend to not carry that kind of money around with me. So, after lots of phone calls and driving around, I ended up at the ER! It took about an hour for a doctor to tell me I'm sore but nothing appears really damaged, hand me a piece of paper to be redeemed for a couple bottles of drugs, and tell me it's going to be worse tomorrow.

If I had known that getting a doctor to just have a look at me was going to be such a pain on top of the pain I already had, I would have gone to the ER on the way home this morning. I wish I had Kaiser Permanente like my parents; my dad talked to a live person, was transferred to another live person, and had an afternoon appointment scheduled all before 0900. We've both been prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxents, so whether work is in sight for the morning or not is debatable!

The lesson of the day: Don't waste time with your Primary Care Physician, they're not going to care about you when you really need them.

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