Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Haven't Missed the Drama

WAM caught me in the kitchen this morning. Her nose and eyes were red like she had been crying. She said that she overheard Adolf talking to another coworker about "animals and salt shakers" and was so distraught by the comment that she had to run to the bathroom and throw up.

I reminded her that Adolf likes to joke about things and suggested that she misheard. "No, no," she said, "he was completely serious." She wouldn't tell me the exact comment because I was in the middle of preparing breakfast.

Knowing that WAM likes to run to HR when something upsets her, I let Adolf know she was upset about something she heard him say, still certain that he's not some crazy animal murderer.

He thanked me for it, said he talking to WAM to explain that the salt shaker comment had nothing to do with animals. It was about how some people break the bottom of plastic salt shakers at fast food restaurants with coins so that all the contents spill out when the next person picks them up. I did that too. Funny. Has nothing to do with animals. I have no idea what WAM thinks she heard.

I'm hoping she's not mad at me for telling him about it, though. Really, is it not better to get the truth than to get upset over a misunderstanding? I know she would not have approached him herself, and I think he deserved the chance to amend her conclusion, since it was not correct. She hasn't approached me about it yet. Maybe she won't. Maybe she feels better, now knowing that what she heard really wasn't what was said and doesn't blame me for telling Adolf.

Hard to say what some people think.

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