Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I Can't Believe Today

I was so tired that I felt nauseous. Can you believe it?! The headache has happened before, but I sure don't recall the sick feeling. Oh, except when I used to get migraines. This headache was definitely very close to being a migraine (except that I don't seem to get them anymore since I started the Blood Type Diet). If I still got migraines, I wouldn't have lasted the day. As it was, I did manage to get Lady Vox some crickets and listen to Fox tell me about the kittens before taking a nap.

Fox and Fae have a newish place, I might have mentioned it. There are many stray cats around and one of them just had three adorable kittens. I got to meet them on Sunday night. So cute and little and furry! With the help of another friend, they managed to get all kittens and Mama into the apartment so they can work on taming them all and take them to a shelter to find some nice homes.

I really really want a kitten! But, every time I think about it, my beautiful Miss Luna looks at me with her sweet, unconditionally loving eyes. I have room for another cat in my life, but I'm not sure about my current cat. I'm really enjoying this bond that has grown even stronger since I took Miss Luna with me when I moved. I don't think she'll appreciate another cat to deal with. Even a young one that she can train. It's hard, really. I don't want her to be mad at me and I really love our relationship as it is. Fae said she would be sure to take the kittens to a no-kill shelter. That pleases me. I think I can live with that. It'll be hard, because they're, oh, so sweet! But I can live with that.

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