Saturday, September 26, 2009

No Rain

In the morning, that is, when they were calling for it. It suddenly changed to the afternoon. Oh, and it did rain in the afternoon like they eventually said it would. Meteorology is like divination in many respects.

I was talking about getting a nice pair of Catskill Mountain Moccasins by the end of the season. I ended up spending half the money for boots that are just as nice (even if they didn't make a casting of my feet) and didn't have to wait ten months to get them. They also seem to be less maintenance as I don't have to treat them for things like rain, and I spoke with more than a few people who said they haven't needed their boots resoled going on ten years. My new boots are decorative enough to go with even my faire gowns, and neutral enough to wear them with jeans in the winter. I think I made a good investment.

Some might call it shopping therapy.

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