Sunday, October 04, 2009

Legs Hurt

Pat and I had a great day at King's Dominion. We had great weather and people didn't really start showing up until later in the day, meaning lines for the things we wanted to ride were rather short. We did do a whole lot of walking. I expect my legs will be telling me about it for some time.

We only went to three of the nine Halloween things they had going on (most of them were haunted house-type mazes) and they were pretty scary. I'd be happy to go again next year. It was really great. Just as long as I'm not in the front, or the back of the group.

The back was the worst. "It's behind me, it's behind me! MOVE!! It's still behind me!!"

Very well done.


Anonymous said...

There's a reason I don't go to those.

When I was sixteen, I was put at the back of the line on the day of the OU-OSU football game, wearing the jersey of the team who lost. When we went through a broken room, several costumed actors started following me, taunting me about it. Like any terrified 16-year-old, I buried my head in the back of my dad's jacket and started chanting "I read the sign, and you can't touch me."

"You can't touch me, so I'm not afraid of you, cause you can't touch me, so I'm not scared, cause you can't touch me!"

In each room we went to, the group behind me would yell to the forthcoming monsters, "OSU Fan, Back Here!" And every one of them would come after me, where I was still repeating my mantra, and proceed to join the swelling numbers behind me.

In the next to last room, everything was pitch black. As I'm whispering to myself, I feel the hair lift off the back of my neck, and warm breath brushes down it as a creepy man's voice says,

"If they don't see it, they can't prove I did it..."

I plowed through seven people and and knocked the tour guide flat trying to get out of there.

I don't do haunted houses anymore.


Fyrecreek said...


I tell you, I'm usually pretty good about being scared, but I was TERRIFIED! There were mirrors at some of the turns in the maze, and I stupidly said "I'm just afraid I'll look into the mirror and see something behind me." I don't know how long that bloody dead nurse was back there, but I started closing my eyes at every mirror so I wouldn't see what I thought was there.

There WAS something there! And she followed me out! And "you can't touch me, so I'm not scared" didn't help one bit!