Thursday, October 01, 2009

Selling Out

I know what I want to make for my Halloween costume this year. It will be one of my more involved costumes, as I'm planning on actually making the clothing, not just altering something that's easily purchased. This character is going to be great.

However, I learned today that some major Halloween costume company makes this costume. It's not quite the right color (near as I can tell on the website) but it would save me money and time if I just purchase the thing.

Now, here I am, with a mind to spend quite a lot of money and time to make my costume, as I often do, faced with the simple solution to buy something comparable that I won't have to alter.

The truth is that I take great pride in making my costumes (yes, I know I still don't have a picture of the steam punk from last year). However, year after year, I see that effort unrecognized, with the exception of one. So, do I stick with what I know, and put forth the effort and watch that go unappreciated again? Or, do I take the cheap way out, buy the thing ready-made and save myself the time and a few bucks? Buy a pattern, fabric, thread, and embellishments that I have to assemble, or buy a shirt? What difference does it make if I put forth the effort or not?

Yeah, I know. It's a significant money difference, but will I really be ok with it if I sell out just because I'm tired of my costuming work being unappreciated?

Nope. I plan to sew.

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