Friday, October 16, 2009

Still Awake

I suppose it's not so late, but I'm tired!

Yesterday, my guy took me to Medieval Times. I had been before, but it was new to him. It was a good show, as always. He also showed up at my door with flowers (that Miss Luna wanted to eat) and a little cake. It was a good day.

I overslept a little today. I wanted to head to my parents' around 1000, but didn't actually hit the road until 1100. As soon as I got here, mom and I went out to lunch, then we came home and each took a nap. Isn't that a funny saying? To take a nap. Where do we take this nap, and why?

Dad managed to get off of work a little early, so we picked up some pizza and went to my grandmother's. My aunt was visiting from Utah, my aunt and uncle who live somewhat nearby were there. It was a nice little party.

Then, we came home and watched some TV while I finished the very last piece of all my outstanding orders. Outstanding! I think I shall give my hands a rest for a few days.

And, on that note, I'll give my self a rest and get to bed. Tomorrow is the annual Faire day! It'll be fun even in the rain. I say so.

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