Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I can wear jeans, pants, and most dresses in a size 8 or 10, depending on the cut. So, I figured I'd be perfectly safe by making my dress in a size 12. It should even be a little roomy and it's easier to make something smaller than larger.

I was wrong.

The 12 fits fine up to my ribs, and then the zipper won't move. All that work (and, I'm talking some twenty hours of work at least) and I can't fit in the thing. I'm so unbelievably frustrated right now.

So, I either search for a small-chested size 12 person who wants a dress in green velour, or I guess I could buy a grommet puncher, add a privacy panel, and put in back lacing. It'll probably be another two years or so before I get around to that.

So very unhappy right now.

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Anonymous said...

Oh honey, that sucks. I'm so sorry.