Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Goal

Well, maybe not really a goal. It there a word for something you want to do (like a dream) that you want to strive for (like a goal) but won't really break you if you never do it? It's just a want, but it would be neat kind of thing, is there a word for that?

I would like to write something and self-publish it on the Kindle.

The catch would be that it would have to be something I wouldn't try to publish otherwise, because the vast majority of publishers frown upon things that have been published before. So it's best to choose something that I maybe won't try to publish in book form. For example, I saw a comment on the forums from an indy author who said his publisher loved one of his stories, but wouldn't publish it because it was a Western, and Westerns don't sell. So he did it on is own on Kindle, and I believe he reported it does fairly well.

I have several things in the works right now and it would be fun to be a published Kindle author. It's just something to do (like I need something else to do). We'll see.

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