Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010

The snow came as they said it would. At 0100 or so, my roommates and I headed out and did the first round of shoveling and car-clearing. We decided, you see, to periodically clean off the cars and parking spaces so we won't have quite so much to do all at once after it stops snowing.

I keep looking for the wardrobe that we must have gone through, but I can't find it. This image is of the lamppost just outside my window (from the street level). There was already about a foot of snow on the cars and ground at 0100.

This snow is heavy and it sticks to trees. This view is from our little porch to the tiny wood out back. This is the same little wood that I saw the fox sleeping in last week. You can clearly see the snow is still coming down. As far as I know, it went nonstop through the night.

This is a foliage-less bush just outside the front entrance. It and the surrounding plants are simply covered in snow already. There's still a lot more to come.

Sunflyr and I went out around 0930 for car-clearing round two. We were looking at about two feet of snow at that time, and it was still falling. During the course of the morning, we heard some neighbors talking about the trees and branches that were breaking under the weight of the snow. Then all three of us suited up and took a walk with our two neighbors.

In the distance here, you can see two large trees that fell across the main roadway. Cars can get through, but they have to zig-zag over the median around this obstacle. I'd like to know why anyone has to drive anywhere, but there were vehicles out and not all of them were trucks with plows. We saw some people who told us that the grocery store a mile and a half away was open. We wondered if the one a mile away was, but no one really cared to walk that far and see. I had my snowshoes on, I wouldn't have minded the walk.
This image is from the street that is just on the other side of that little wood that you can see from our back porch. It looked like something out of an apocalypse movie. Trees fell across the road, so people just abandoned their cars in the street to be covered with snow. Wild!

Walking the road in the other direction, we came to more broken trees, like this one that split in half. There were more that had fallen across the roadway as well, and a couple more places to cross the median where the road was clear. That is, clear of obstacles like felled trees, not clear of snow.

It is now around 1400 or so that we were having our walk. There was about another six inches of snow on my car from when I cleared it this morning. Even little bushes are drooping under all that weight.

See the branch that fell across the hood of this car? My car is parked along that same row. The tree nearby isn't a big, heavy evergreen, though. Hopefully, if a branch falls, it won't hurt anything. I cleared off the additional six inches from my car. It almost looks like there's at least half of that back on the car already. The snow is still falling.

What an adventure!


Anonymous said...

My husband and I had to go out, since we are doctors, both on call for the weekend, and have patients to see in the hospital. I often wonder if anyone realizes that all the doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff have to brave all kinds of weather, since people don't stop getting sick just because there's a blizzard. Luckily, though, my husband DOES have a snow plow on his truck, or we'd never get out of our driveway. He wound up plowing not only our drive, but our block, and half the neighborhood on his way to work, since the plows don't come out as early as we have to! Laurel

sbpf said...

It all looks so pretty, but I'm sure the beauty is starting to wear thin now!

Fyrecreek said...

That's funny, Laurel!

It's still pretty, Walnut Baby, but I am really tired of being cold! Our heat pump is broken and we've been on emergency heat for the past two months. When I move out of this condo, I'm getting someplace with a fireplace!