Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Imagine That

As you might guess, I didn't make it to work on Monday. I did go in yesterday. I slipped down the road this morning, turned around, and came home. That job is not worth my life. And since I'm not a doctor ;-) no one's life depends on me getting to OBC either.

Several years ago, I started working on a dress. The pattern is a kind of Lord of the Rings style and I wanted it in green velvet. With the snow storms, I've pulled out my fabric and got back to work on the dress. I was missing one little notion, that I was able to pick up on my way home yesterday. Today, I think I might finish that dress. I've also been working on a d20 bag from Think Geek and I might finish that today as well. And I'm teaching myself to knit. I've got plenty to do.

Make use of the snow day! Particularly since I rarely have time for personal projects anymore.

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