Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thought About It

Ok, so about the dress. I've had time to think on it.

This was actually the first thing I attempted to sew using a pattern, and it was in two parts: a dress and a bodice/vest. Since I started working on it, I made my Halloween costume with a pattern, but one someone had made, not a commercial pattern. Even that was a little snug. The bodice, which I also made a size 12, fits fine.

I've learned that many commercial patterns give you a "finished garment measurement" guide on the back. Now I know to ignore the sizing and go with the measurements. I don't know where they got a size 12 has a 30 inch chest, though. Not from any of the beautifully curvy 12s I know!

In any event, going with the size of the garment, I need to add about 8 inches to the back. So, I'm going to pull out the zipper and cut two 5ish inch triangular shapes to add to the back. As I visualize this, it shouldn't mess too much with the cut or the lines if I do it this way. I will also add a couple rounded shapes to the collar. I don't think the velvet is strong enough to take the pull that adding lacing to the back would create.

But, now I have a plan! And I know I can make it work. And I'll know to adjust as I go the next time I make any of the other dresses that I have patterns for.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good plan! I hope it works out for you!