Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekly Weigh-in 4

This past week was one of my worst, comparatively speaking. Last week, Sunflyr and I ordered pizza and I've been taking all week to eat it. I just came home from Fox's super weekend epic gaming birthday bash that involved two restaurant dinners, lots of (extremely good-tasting) crap to snack on, and the ever-dreadful birthday cake. I didn't use more points than I had this week, but I did use more of the weekly points than I have since I started. After all of this, I was certain the number on that scale would stay the same if it didn't go up.

I was wrong! It went down! A whole 2.2 lbs down!! I'm less than a pound away from having lost 10 lbs!

Why in the world is the word "pound" but the abbreviation lb??

So, I've learned that I can fill myself with crap and still be ok, as long as I measure out my portions and reasonably calculate what is in what I eat.

Subsequently, I've learned that I can still enjoy a party! Huzzah!

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Anonymous said...

yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! we loved having you. it was a blast!!!!!!!!!!