Monday, October 31, 2005

Case in Point

So, my Wicked Witch of the East costume was good to the people who knew. One person, whom I've had some issue with before (we'll call them Pat) insisted, as Pat always does, that they know better than I do and that the socks were red and white not black and white (I looked it up, I know it was right). Pat's cousin was the Munchkin coroner, so Pat says.

In any event, I went up to watch the costume contest, I hate entering them myself because I work hard on my costumes but there's always someone who does something stupid and I never win. It's not about winning, don't get me wrong, it's about the work I do, and the people who win appear to do much less (I make my costumes, they tend to buy them. What's the point?).

Some of my coworkers insisted that I participate, and so I did, and was once again reminded why I don't like to be in costume contests. The person who won best individual? Pat! Because they were calling themselved the 'devil' of my department. It was a completely purchased costume, but because Pat said something dumb and work related, they won. My father won 'lamest,' which is a category that one should only get if they strive for it. He was dressed as the Dread Pirate Roberts. He was only called lamest because everyone mistook him for Zorro (who has a hat and cape, unlike DPR) and no one wanted to admit they were wrong. And that's why I only wanted to watch. (I did see one of my co-workers in a kimono, but she had it wrapped wrong! It should be left over right, the only time it is the other way is when dressing a corpse. She wasn't trying to be dead either. That was a purchased costume too.)

Anyway, there's always next year to not enter.

Happy Samhain